Monday, August 28, 2006

Bit of relief

okiez gp's over.. lol thought it was quite ok lah. was banking quite a bit on poverty after reading through the zai notes that mdm ho gave to us. sigh, too bad nothing on poverty came out for essay. Ended up doing the last question on youths.. Something like youths are self-centred and cannot be relied upon to build the country's future or something like that. So just crap all the way lah. hehe at least I could think of things to crap.

Compre quite ok also lah.. haha at least my knowledge on poverty came in for one of the 3 mark questions. Just vomit everything I knew about it. Once again, no time to finish AQ. Oh can anyone tell me the meaning of predilection? A bit tough to do the summary when you don’t know what its really asking for yeah?

Anywayz… here’s perhaps a bit of an update about the past few weeks when I was inactive.

On pre-NDP day, went back to ac to ask for testimonials from dessy and mr seah.. wonder if they wrote it yet??? oh and i took some party shots too, all on my NEW PHONE ah:

haha see some new balcony to watch the entire astro turf. convenient huh?

see.. sprawling roof to play soccer… wah envious…

lovely view from the top of the IB block...

haha see the lizaed on the car tyre.. felt bored one day during recess..

ok gtg... trying to sleep at ten everynight so that i won't feel tired out early in the morning when the paper starts...

time check: 10.30pm.. -gasps-

Friday, August 18, 2006

too frekin tired

been sleeping at like past 2 the past two nights, getting my stupid portfolio ready. grrr... sigh actually wanted to talk about the ndp week, but guess that'll have to wait. real sorrie mates, just simply worn out..

yeah guess you should have realised that my background sort of disappeared... ya think the server that supports my photos crashed, so gotta look for a new one... looks real ugly this thing

Monday, August 14, 2006

Busy lor

haiz so sadz... HAve so much rubbish to do lor. The stupid 3 best achievements, now done thankfully, personal statements... and the worse of them all... Linear spazes and chi-squared tests tutorial. Then tml got phys as well, so got to do phys tutorial

Its week 8 liao, and well gp is coming soon. But thx to dan brown, i haven't touched a single issue of newsweek. So i guess my general knowledge pretty screwed, and mdm ho say it will be a real toughy. die liao... i just failed my previous essay, cuz i guesss i didn't prepare much..

Real worried. There's just so much things to do, and so little time. Haha so much for my worry that my life would be real boring when term 3 started. =(

ok maybe i'll talk about the ndp week some other time. gotta do math s now. yupz chork said it was quite easy, so i'll attempt to finish as much as possible.

~so busy~

Friday, August 04, 2006

FOP rox!!!

ok so got there at 5.30pm to start queueing. queue to 6.30pm, felicia not here yet... Think the doors were opened and people were going in already. So poor me had to wait at the same end of the overhead bridge until she came. Oh well by the time she was there, almost the end of the line had gone past me, so I guess I practically wasted my time going there early to queue. =( To confirm that, she told me that one of her friends had already reserved places for us inside, cuz her friend had been queueing since 4.30pm... wah power...

So this band called Christian City Church Band started the session with their reeally really LOUD music. To top it up, we were sitting real close to the stage and the music was blaring over the speakers above us... phew quite jialat... my poor ears nearly went deaf. Then the pple in front of us were jumping through the choruses, so the entire ground was shaking... Oh well just get used to it...

Then the cool bit: Don Moen came to lead too. He sang some of his songs from his previous album "Thank You, Lord" Yup guess that was when my heart was more at rest and I could really sort of worship... I mean his songs are really meant to be personal, between you and God alone, that kind of thing. Guess another reason was because its less rocky and more oldie kind of style.. yeah my kinda style..

Haha then the next part was by this pastor from Argentina, Rev Ed Silvoso. Nice accent... Oh well, his mesage sort of applied to me.. Taken from Judges 6, about Gideon. Ya its not about what happened in the past, not what others think of you, but what God thinks about you. Hey he called Gideon a mighty warrior (v12) right, although Gideon seemed like a coward then. Well if you read on, Gideon did indeed save his nation from the Midianites. So yup, lesson is: don't look at your situation now or the past, but always believe in what God sees in you now!!!

hmmm Don Moen's new album sounds real nice.. wanna get it!!!


sang by: Don Moen

I come before you today
And there's just one thing that I want to say
Thank you Lord,Thank you Lord
For all you've given to me
For all the blessings I can not see
Thank you Lord,Thank you Lord

With a greatful heart, with a song of praise
with an outstreched arm, I will bless your name

Thank you Lord,I just want to thank you Lord
Thank you Lord,I just want to thank you Lord
Thank you Lord

For all you've done in my lifeY
ou took my darkness and gave me your light
Thank you Lord,Thank you Lord
You took my sin and my shame,
You took my sickness and healed all my pain
Thank you Lord,Thank you Lord

With a greatful heart, with a song of praise
with an outstreched arm, I will bless your name

Thank you Lord,I just want to thank you Lord
Thank you Lord,I just want to thank you Lord
Thank you Lord,I just want to thank you Lord
Thank you Lord,I just want to thank you Lord

Thank you Lord,I just want to thank you Lord
Thank you Lord,I just want to thank you Lord
Thank you Lord,I just want to thank you Lord
Thank you Lord,I just want to thank you Lord
Thank you Lord

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

my poor eye

ok just finished what ck wants us to do... now there's just chem, phys and maths left....

you know, for a moment i thot i was about to lose my sight. I dosed off in the library today. Then when I woke up, I realised that my right eye had a bit of trouble focusing correctly. Vision got a bit blur then. Dun remember pressing down on it while dosing off on the table... Thankfully, everything went back to normal after sometime... hm any bio twirts can explain this phenomenon? enlighten me abit :)

seeing is perhaps the greatest gift in the world

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

E for enough, F for finish

Lol seems like dad took a great toll on the car today... He practically drove the whole day on a low tank until we ran out of fuel just outside our house. Yup while we were just about to turn in, the engine just died... Starting the ignition again didn't help... then dad realised that we were out fo fuel, and just outside our house somemore.. wah so lucky man... haha could have been worse if we ran out of fuel elsewhere...

thankfully, ah q was at home, so we asked him to buy petrol for us from the petrol kiosk and bring it over, then we manually loaded the fuel in. Bit afraid that there would be sparks that would blow up the car, but thank God, everything went well.. hope dad had enough fuel to bring the car to the petrol station to top it up, else pushing that big mammoth alone, well, might be tough...

Liang Popo went to work at the petrol station. When she looked at the fuel indicator pointing to E, she asked the driver: "You seow ah? Why pump for what?" The driver looked surprised and said, " Ya what... my tank is empty." Liang popo shot back: " you stupid lah... E for enough, F for finish lah"