Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Stupid + lousy= me

yeah man... feel dumb about the way i'm handling lots of the overlays today. Don't even know how to roll up a roll of talc nicely; waste so much paper just to create a checklist that i can do on excel and print onto one bloody piece of paper; why did i bother to label all the talcs SO SO specifically... i mean, in the end, just give out anyone of the same title to the big guys is still same what right?

oh well, my brain is like totally disabled i think. getting more and more blurer and stupid as the days go by. gosh should really sleep early one fine day.

played a bit of frisbee today, cuz hq got some sports day crap for those staying back in camp. played frisbee with the support guys.. so it was random support guys VS mortar. In the 1st match, my team just thrashed mortar like watever. But 2nd game, we were close, but lost to mortar. pretty fun to play with these guys lah. think most of them jc batch like me.. oh well, too bad i won't be able to join them for long.

wonder how the guys in brunei are doing. alpha and those going from hq left on mon; charlie and support left yesterday. haha i was at the airport yesterday actually to send ah q off to melbourne. too bad lah, can't stay on long enough to send the charlie guys off. anywayz, hope they have a meaningful time there.


History tidbit
The world's first A380 landed in Singapore today!!! Wow wow wee yeah!!!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

you wish everything in life were free

aiyaya!!! checked my payslip today! They minus off 86 bucks for medical co-payment!!! Sian!!! By right, can get 1000+ thx to back-pay, then minus the co-payment, plus all the other unimportant stuff, can only get 900+... pfff

sian ah

Thursday, October 11, 2007

young guy among the old folks

anyone knows what an MRI is? Its magnetic resonance imaging, the use of a nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer to produce electronic images of specific atoms and molecular structures in solids, especially human cells, tissues, and organs.

That's what dr lo recommended for me so that he could get a closer look at my knee. Sheesh, didn't know he would go to this kind of extent.

Left camp at around 8am, immediately after 1st parade, w/out anytime for breakfast. So poor me set on the no 2 bus all the way with a growling stomach. hmph tried to sleep, but couldn't leh. think i woke up again with a bad headache. Haiz.

When i got to sgh, they asked me to change into this gown for radiology. haha its just the gown and your shoes (plus your underwear) talk about the fashion man... walked out of the changing room feeling quite funny, cuz the gown was meant for aunties, not for young gd-looking shuai ges like yours truky.. xp

as i was waiting, i noticed that i was the youngest patient there. everyone one else was either a senior citizen or middle-aged. made me start to wonder why in the world i'm here lor. Only old pple go for these kind of checks and such.. What bout me? Feeling old as well.

Ok so after waiting for close to 1.5 hours (dun forget i haven't had breakfast, and lunch time was soon), those slow pokes finally called me in. Honestly, I thought it was gonna be some normal x-ray shoot... until i saw this damn big machine sitting in front of me. gosh its that kind of scanning system in which you slot your body into the machine. woah felt scared. worse still, they gave me a shower cap and ear plugs (cuz it might get a bit loud). my heart was racing. how bad could it get...

the feeling was kind of weird when they slotted my body into the machine. don't know if the machine would shoot some labour or something at my knee, causing me to jump or something. worse, the doctor attending to me said that it would be 40min long and i had to keep my knee still throughout.. :o

actually, once the thing started, it just churned a few loud beeps and random sounds. didn't feel anything at all. couldn't sleep, cuz the thing was pretty loud..

when the bill came, my jaw dropped... Total cost: $692 smackaroonees!!! sheesh damn ex.. thankfully can claim all the way ah, else my one month pay can't support me seah...

went for lunch with pappy at don. mmm the best bulgogi beef rice can be found at DON Noodle Bistro at Tanglin Mall. yup...

rushed back to camp after that to move on with life....

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Leave woes and a wasted leg

yeah, when i checked the amount of leave i had for the remainder of the year last week, i was shocked that i had only a meagre 3 days left. like, wth!!! dunno why my bmt coy took off 8 days of my leave, when my oc promised at least 1 day off. plus, other pple from other coys only had 5 days subtracted. grrr so unfair and screwed up!!!

anywayz, highlighted this problem to my DY today.. of course, he trusted me, the truthful, honest spec ;p , and gave me 3 days off... So yay, I'm on par with everyone else. YESH!!!

went to see my specialist yesterday, after ops audit... tried to sleep on the no 2 bus all the way there, but it wasn't as comfortable as taking a 74 from skool to macritchie, interestingly. got off the bus slightly groggy, but well, had an appt to make.

so yup, since dr lo was busy, another one of the specialists came in to see me. He did a quick measure of my thighs and realised that my right quadriceps was only half the size of my left quadriceps!!! WOah, dr lo didn't expect it to be that bad either. quite jialat for a 19 year old, when you should be running more and enjoying your youth. Gosh, feel like a senior citizen with some chronic knee problem! Gasp!! anywayz, he gave me another 3 weeks ex rmj. wonder if the MO will see it the same way... still, most importantly, will my leg ever return to normal??? wanna do more sports when i go to uni, before the rest of my youth is sapped away..


~youth is fleeting~