Friday, October 27, 2006


you know, the a-levels are coming close. ideally, i thought i should be more or less on full steam, ploughing through my notes and my books, revising every single detail and mechanism, practicing lots more past year papers, wasting less time.

of course, that's an ideal. and in real life, we always deviate from the ideal scenario. I dunno.. I really wanna push on, but i feel so sian, so tired. like doing the same thing all day long..

the other thing that puts me off is my speed at doing things. i dunno, somehow quite a few pple can like do 2 papers and mug 1 chem topic a day, for eg. then here's the not-so-smart me doing 1 chem topic the whole screwed up day.

oh and you know how pissful it is to keep practicing at something you know you are weak at, hoping you will improve. and lo and behold, you don't. and then the smarty pants all around you are like scoring so well, so much better than you.

haiz... guess i should aim slightly lower. after all, I'm not the very high standard kinda chap, so why bother to fight my way into such a high standard, high class kinda uni where all the smarty pants all go and then i feel the same thing i've been facing for the past 2 years again 3 years down the road. anyway, what's wrong studying here?

haiz... just dang tired. my eyes especially. mugging like this is gonna make me so short-sighted that i'm as good as blind. yeah, many so many people play so much longer than me and their degree is still 300 to 400, while i haven't played any game in ages and my degree is over 700. haiz unfairness of life.

then again... real life deviates from the ideal, so just live with it...

Monday, October 23, 2006

eye wrinkles

sian ah... blogger take so long to upload the images i want it to upload. it keeps saying its uploading, circles 1 round, then stops there. oh wait its up now.

haha guess that's what you get when you mug too much huh? just look stoned with huge eyebags.. gosh..

kk go mug...


you believe?

Friday, October 20, 2006

:@ contagious :@

yeah that stupid mask that i got yesterday or 2 days ago when I went to tan tock seng. haha wore that with the raffles sweater. Haha i look my darth varder's doctor with the hood on. hehe

sianz got my enlistment letter on tues. bmtc skool 2... haha heard from my cousin that its the school that they like to show off to parents. it's the school with the nicer cookhouse, and (most importantly) its the school that's closest to the ferry terminal. hahaa so those in skool 1, sorry ah.. must walk further in... much further in... lol

hey tell me if you are in the same skool as me yeah? haha the more the merrier... lol

happy mugging !!!

Monday, October 09, 2006

everything crushing me down

aiyo trying to complete US uni apps. no time for fluids leh... then gotta see miss wang tml and i haven't prepared much yet. grrr....

oh and i feel sad for you nj pple. your gp compre was like worse than tough. and i thot my skool's one was the worst of the lot... haha...

hey hey dun waste time... go and study!!!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

2nd last day of skool

can you believe it? 2nd last day of school formally. So quick.

Can you even believe that I went to school today with practically 4 hours of free time?! Yup that's true, cuz its only civics as the first period, then GP, which was another free period, and then chem, which was also converted into a free period, and then recess was next.

Oh well, class breakfast first. soooo very nice of Mr Lee to buy so much Tiong Bahru char siew bao, siew mai and other stuff. We also had jiashun's chao fan and potato wedges. Then there was the cake for all the birthday babies from August to October. Gosh you should have seen the cake from Secret Recipe. Wah so sinful!!! The chocolate melts in your mouth literally and the whole cake is just chocolate and cream. Whee... Calories=> Fat!!! =(

Of course, then got the usual concoction by chork for zhong ji mi ma. This time round even better... Got hell lot of stuff, like bits of potato wedge, scrambled eggs, chilli, creamer all thrown into lemon tea. then mr lee halfway through added in chicken skin?! Like yucks man... haha the time i played, never zhong again, so ;op

The concoction, with the chilli, cake, scrambled egg and chicken skin floating

Chork VS Mr Lee.. Who will zhong4?








haha suay lor mr lee... haha but kudos to mr lee and the others for allowing us to have so much fun today...

Oh and yeah nxt time you play game of life, be a tech support. Then you can earn a hell lot when people dunno how to spin the wheel properly. haha that's how i got rich and won everyone, while poor zhiyan was like... well poor.. hehe


Nothing much to say bout NYAA today as well... couldn't shake hands with the president as he was feeling ill, so someone else took over. haiz so wasted, but hope he gets well soon. haha recognised the MC's voice... mum told me later that it was Mr X from 90.5 or sth...

after the ceremony, we just took some party shots here and there in our blazers. yay finally what we have been working hard for has finally paid off..


kk back to the world of dreams