Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Chao Keng

I'm kinda screwed screwed screwed... Went running with zheng yesterday and couldn't keep up with him. and he told me that the pace he was running was only sufficient for a pass for ippt...

Haiz win already lor... Running so much, yet still deprove.. Think I keng too much while running ah.. hehe... Nvm still can catch up some other time.

Hmm perhaps that's why I never joined any sports when I was younger, cuz I'm just too slack to train hard. ^.^ Of course, kinda regret it a bit now, cuz I guess the glory of youth is being able to push yourself physically. But hmm everything does come with a price I guess. Like look at our local athletes who played in AYG... Sailors lived on their boats, swimmers swim swim swim.. haha they kept training, sacrificing a lot of other things.

Hmmm wonder what I've been doing thus far to at least make it up in other areas...

Friday, June 26, 2009

Restrictions from the family

Yeah man... just realised that being the family guy is tough. No time to like hang out wif friends. Well my bro is happily doing that, and then scolding me for going to 12th coy camps while missing my grandpa's bday.. wat a hypoc*..

sigh dunno why i'm so angry all of a sudden.. trying to get so much things done at the same time that i have no time for myself.. yeah it's about losing yourself for the sake of God's service.. better to lose the world and save your soul..

but at the rate i'm going, i'm losing the world and losing my soul.. haha i'm the biggest loser..

sheesh so sadistic..

Thursday, January 08, 2009

woah you read this???

woah... some pple actually still read this shabby drap.. haha thx thx

anywayz, i currently doing some relief teaching. phew busy busy...

talk more some other time.. after i revamp my blog..

bye for now =)