Saturday, September 27, 2008

Finally.. a hurdle over... now comes the emptiness

Phew.. finally.. ah-tac is over!!! no more late nights making more stupid maps and blown-ups now. haha now I can really smell ord coming... tasting it soon.

Booked my practical lessons already!! Sadly, its only going to start in nov, cuz well, from now till then, everyday is fully booked. crap sia... so sian.. anyway, i'm going auto, rather than manual. Yeah i know, my friends say that auto is for wimps, and real guys drive manual. But hey, think about it, most cars are auto nowsadays, even taxis are getting auto too. Most cars sold in the market today are auto as well. Furthermore, why do you think lta allowed auto cars to be tested? cuz lots of pple made noise to ask for it, cuz its easier to pass right? so yup, why not take the easy way out? petrol's pretty expensive too you know?

So yup, from now till then, its mainly just rotting around. haha there's suddenly so much 'free time'. Finding ways to spend it wisely... like do a lego piece or sth..

you know, if there's really one thing that i wanna do, its to get close to my yr 2s and know them better. i'm glad that I started out with them at the start of the year and have lasted till now. How i slowly see them grow and mature.. haha just like how i see their seniors mature too.. My hope is that each of them will get to know God more and more, for well, there will come a time when they will slip through my fingers. only God can hold them in His hands. And yeah, I love them too, but God loves them more.

Well, if any of you yr 2s happen to see this post, know that both your officers love you guys very very much and are so so happy to have been part of your lives. It has been a joy to see each of you learn to care for one another, to exhort one another.

ok time to go build my lego helicopter already.. haaa

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