Sunday, September 14, 2008

Uncle is older

Yeah the first digit in my age is now 2.. gotta wave goodbye to my teenage years and say hello to adulthood..

celeb part (i)
Heh thanks to all those year 2s and 5s who spammed my hp at midnight... haha thanks lots for remembering, even when you guys were busy mugging.. really made my day, so early in the morning.. =) =) =)

celeb part (ii)
met up with gg to go watch wall-e. haha its a really cute show.. i firmly believe that it will become a disney classic, like mary poppins, toy story and the like.. haha think i'll buy the dvd when it comes out and like keep it for my children to watch it.. doubt they will ever get bored of it.

Ok so after that, zheng played a bit of wild goose chase with us at nydc before meeting up with us ;p... haha had a mushroom ham.. super filling and super guilty, considering that i had a sharwarma and cheese fries for supper last night...

after i came back from drawing money, zheng and gg gave me a cake surprise.. wah super malu sia, but thankfully, not a lot of pple there while we were eating. haha the 'birthday cake' they got was so super cool... some chocolate cake with chocolate ice cream and chocolate chips with hot chocolate fudge.. wah everything chocolate... wee hee!!! high sia...

wonder how much lunch cost in total, but thanks to gg and zheng for picking up the tab... haha thx lots guys.. had a really sweet birthday celebration with you...

celeb part (iii)
after church, gera, joa, nick and i went to pick up dr tee and dr foo.. landed up at j8 swensen's..i had a salmon and mushroon pasta, which was a bit of a disappointment cuz the plate was so big, but the portion was small. oh well, isn't that wat we get nowadays.. gera kept complaining that her pasta looked like vomit and didn't eat much... sheesh.. they got me an ice cream moon cake (oh yeah it was maf coincidentally) and a firehouse (which was free).. so yeah, these were my 'bdae cakes'.. haha..

as though we didn't have enough ice cream, we chiong down to island creamery for another ice cream fix.. had a free scoop to myself (i'm so cheapskate =)), so got a burnt caramel, which didn't have as rich a flavour as the others like nutella or reverso.. the others got nutella, reverso, strawberry sorbet and yoghurt flavours. to top it all, we added some m&m's..  the yoghurt was the only bad choice. haha

think we found ourselves another place for us to chill after stuff like yam... haha
oh well, today has been a really great day... first time that i've been able to celebrate my bdae with my friends, since my bdae is usually during the exam season, so no one usually has the time to celebrate, esp me.. ;p

God's been so good to me.. yeah... so blessed...

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