Thursday, September 11, 2008

Is it me? Is it someone or something who doesn't like me?

I was supposed to have a long weekend starting from now. But (here's a long..) 

suddenly got "stuff to do" right smack in the middle of it... sigh... can't go out with joa, geraldine and nick after bible study... sigh

And I can't meet up with pple on sat, when everyone else is free. I know Sunday is possible, but they have church in the morning and i have church in the afternoon, so somehow, the timings don't gel.

You know, its such an uphill task for me to like maintain my friendships or to like deepen new ones.. there are just so many disruptions to my weekends... I have not had a weekend which is Sat and Sun free, just like that. Free for me to just go out and chill with my pals, etc...

sigh... sad life

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