Monday, September 08, 2008

Just another (burnt) weekend

Oh well.. what can I say? When they need people, they'll just take you, no questions asked. So you see me burning another Sunday just like that, because they need people. Sigh...

Been really impatient man, trying to rush so many things into the short amount of time I have. Hmmm just too bad I guess, so much things that I wanna do, yet so little time. Heh sometimes I guess I force myself to do too many things at one go... then I get stressed trying to complete my list of stuff to do.

went to witness the CQ people on Sat during the awards ceremony. So we had two teams who got 6th and 11th positions respectively. Yup gold honour roll liao for mr ng. hahA.. but think his high tea will be something pretty cheapo I guess, since we didn't get like top 4 or top 3. ;p

You know, as I set there talking to the Boys, felt kinda weird.. I'm beginning to behave more and more like an adult liao, no more like a young 15 year old, even though I look the age o_O. Sigh where did my youthhood go to? I wanna be a teenager forever...

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